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Our Family of Tools

Solutions for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks.

Comprehensive data mining for infrastructure, asset, and application discovery

  • Complete view of IT Infrastructure and assets
  • Health and usage trends for IT assets
  • Visibility into IT asset costs
  • Identify security risks

Audix Insights™ is a comprehensive data mining tool for infrastructure, asset, and application discovery. It provides predictive analytics and recommendations for assets which are not performing optimally. It is ideal for on-premise type environments, and can provide the same benefits for virtual servers running on Azure or AWS.


  • Interactive reports to explore your data, run effective analysis, and drill-down to specific assets
  • Visibility into the vulnerabilities and active threats against your IT assets
  • Mitigate risks by monitoring and detecting hardware and application problems before they occur.
  • Monitor and forecast IT spend on your assets and generate replacement costs.
  • Better insight into security, asset licensing, regulatory compliance, warranties, financial information, and other key areas.

Identifying issues, before they become issues


A restaurant group was able to identify that a Point-of-Sale (POS) machine was at risk of hardware failure just before a busy holiday weekend.

The company was able to proactively replace it before a holiday rush. Going forward, the franchise used Audix Insights™ to regularly monitor their network and assets.

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Insights for your Azure and AWS infrastructure

  • Complete view of Azure resources and relationships
  • Insights for Network and security resources and complex security configurations
  • Visibility on used and unused resources

    (disk, CPU, memory, etc.)

  • View asset details and health

    (age, manufacturer, warranty, model)

  • Mobile asset tracking


Audix Cloud™ delivers the tools you need to effectively audit your Azure infrastructure. By utilizing advanced analytics, cost analysis, and price forecasting; the cloud combines these tools to allow you to visualize your Azure network infrastructure, and the security you gain allows for instantaneous understanding over your Azure environment. Avoid monthly invoicing surprises, paying for unused resources and unchecked infrastructure sprawl. Always stay on top of your Azure spend without spending much effort.


  • Identify gaps/risks in your security and infrastructure
  • Forecast your Azure usage and costs, identifying key trends, and avoid Azure billing surprises
  • Reduce Azure spend on un-used resources and accurately budget
  • Decommission unused elements and right size your footprint
  • Track and drive return-on-investment for your infrastructure

Reducing Cloud Spend by 19.1%  


A North American Retail Energy Company with a large multi tenant cloud environment wanted to focus on analyzing license, resource, storage and data assets, to create a plan to migrate data into lower cost storage tiers as well as retire unused compute assets to reduce monthly cloud costs.

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Audix 365

Full visibility into your Microsoft Office 365 licensing, usage, and costs

  • Complete view of software inventory, licensing, assignments, and costs
  • Identify costs by department and by individual
  • Visibility into the most used and unused software
  • Usage and trends for OneDrive and SharePoint online

Audix 365™ provides full visibility to your Office 365 environment and associated risks. It captures and visualizes data analytics around O365 software costs, licensing, users/usage, and threat detection (internal and external).


  • Forecast your monthly O365 usage and costs
  • Reduce spend on un-used resources and costs
  • Track and drive return-on-investment on your applications
  • Identify potential internal and external threats

$50k License Savings through Audix 365 and Microsoft CSP


Audix Insights™ provided the needed data to facilitate an accurate project estimate for the migration.

MRE identified $50,000 in annual cost savings on licenses through discounts and promotions. ​

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Visualize your infrastructure and assets, for faster data-driven decision making.


Asset Planning

Track asset health and estimate an asset’s useful life for asset planning

Error Trending

Identify trending for asset and application errors and issues

Company Benchmarking

Compare the performance of your assets against those of other companies


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